January 30, 2010 Jill Tyler Open House Gallery and March 27, 2010 Rebel Headquarters Exhibit with Lucy Stevens

Dear Friends,

Please join us for the next Open House Art Gallery on Saturday, March 27, 2010, starting at 6 pm. We will be hosting unforgettable art of Lucy Stevens, www.blucystevens.com

Lucy almost always paints on scrap wood. She likes the texture of wood more than paper or canvas. Her EXTREMELY HIGH-TECH process is to smear the paint around with her hands and carve into the wood with a cheap, bent-up potato peeler. The world she creates is magical, unique and hysterically whimsical.

As always Wayne Bridge and Dorota Streitfeld are the accompanying host artists; and Rich Streitfeld is our host of honor and whimsy, bank of information and network advice.
All art is offered for sale, discussion, comments and ice breaking.

Bring pot luck food, drinks, and musical instruments, if you play. By popular demand we will have a fire pit outside, so hot dogs, franks, wursts, sticks etc. will be nice.

And as usual kindly forward the invitation to friends and foes!

With love to all,
Lucy, Dorota, Rich and Wayne

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