December 2011 Rebel HQ Gallery & Costume Ball with Keri Marion

Please join us for the next Open House Art Gallery on Saturday, December 31, 2011, starting at 6 pm, with Keri Marion,

Keri’s current work is most closely associated with a new Minimalism using simple media or Lo-Fi technology to make commentary on the every-day experience.  She is highly influenced by the genres of Dada and Fluxus and their influences on Contemporary Art.

Her current body of work consists primarily of drawings and objects. Using ambiguity of image, she works with the accumulation of marks that vary in size, depth and boundary. Like any language, each mark holds layers of individual identity only to develop meaning by way of the relationships with other marks in its vicinity. In other words: Everything is relative. This is the substrate of her work.

As always Wayne Bridge and Dorota Streitfeld are the accompanying host artists; and Rich Streitfeld is our host of honor and whimsy, bank of information and network advice. All art is offered for sale, discussion, comments and ice breaking.

Please wear costume, if you wish; bring pot luck food, drinks, and musical instruments, if you play. By popular demand we will have a fire pit outside, so hot dogs, franks, wursts, sticks etc. will be nice. And as usual kindly forward the invitation to friends of all ages.

Celebrate Life. Celebrate Art. Feed the Soul.
Keri, Dorota, Rich and Wayne

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