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Speaking Frankly with Women in Business

Hosts: Mary Ann Shallcross Smith, Wendy Hanson.
Guests: Gail Ahlers, Dorota Streitfeld

Mary Ann and Wendy “…believe that women need easy access to learn effective ways to navigate and advance in our competitive society. This program is designed as a forum where women can frankly share their successful behaviors, thoughts and experiences that they believe have given them the competitive edge in the marketplace. The goal is to show how women can begin, with these ideas and resources, to grow into their roles as leaders. This program will not only provide easy, free access to role models for success, but will also afford community leaders an opportunity to give back to the community. When we help one person, we help all people...”

Dates for Gail Ahlers and Dorota Streitfeld’s show is as follows: on Lincoln 18: 5/24 and 5/31 at 9 pm and on Interconnect A: 5/27 and 6/3 at 12:30 pm. Enjoy!