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One Year Anniversary of Rebel Headquarters "Say No to Art"—May 30, 2009

Dear Friends,

Celebrating First Anniversary of the Rebel HQ monthly gallery show on Saturday, May 30, 2009, starting at 5 pm!

Wayne Bridge and Dorota Streitfeld are the host artists; and Rich Streitfeld is our host of honor and whimsy, bank of information and network advice. All art is offered for sale, discussion, comments and ice breaking.
Bring pot luck food, drinks, and musical instruments, if you play. By popular demand we will have a fire pit outside, so hot dogs, franks, wursts, sticks etc. will be nice.

Important policy change: Children are NOT allowed on fence from this time on, even if Woody says it’s ok :)) Or at the fire pit unattended by their parents.

Thanks so much to everybody for supporting this special night.
And huge appreciation to Dale Donnelly and Claudia Summers for cleaning, cleaning, cleaning during the event!

Feel free to visit:, where you will also find tons of photographs from the events. And as usual kindly forward the invitation to friends and foes!

Looking forward to seeing everyone. Let’s say: No, Yes, Don’t Know, Whatever, to Art. Together!

Dorota, Rich and Wayne

Speaking Frankly with Women in Business

Hosts: Mary Ann Shallcross Smith, Wendy Hanson.
Guests: Gail Ahlers, Dorota Streitfeld

Mary Ann and Wendy “…believe that women need easy access to learn effective ways to navigate and advance in our competitive society. This program is designed as a forum where women can frankly share their successful behaviors, thoughts and experiences that they believe have given them the competitive edge in the marketplace. The goal is to show how women can begin, with these ideas and resources, to grow into their roles as leaders. This program will not only provide easy, free access to role models for success, but will also afford community leaders an opportunity to give back to the community. When we help one person, we help all people...”

Dates for Gail Ahlers and Dorota Streitfeld’s show is as follows: on Lincoln 18: 5/24 and 5/31 at 9 pm and on Interconnect A: 5/27 and 6/3 at 12:30 pm. Enjoy!

Eat More Pie!!!—Absolutely the Yummiest Tangerota Berry and Chocolate Vanilla Volcano

Hey y’all! Just giving the update, hope everyone out there is a doing well and ready for some freaky good pie.

Tangerota Berry, which is a mouthful, I know, is an amazing pie designed after an amazing lady. If you do not know Dorota Streitfeld or haven’t been to one of the Rebel HQ ( parties that she co-hosts, your life is far less rich, colorful and a whole lot less interesting. She is, without a doubt, one of my favorite people in New England and defiantly one of the friendliest. Look her up sometime, you’ll be greeted with a smile and open arms.

But what’s in a Tangerota Berry? Things I knew she’d like, and hopefully you will, too. It’s a Tangerine custard with slices of Strawberries sprinkled throughout and a healthy kick of Tequila. It is almost like a Tequila Sunrise, but better. And in pie.

You might ask what you need to do to get a pie designed and named after you. Well… be like Dorota.

Our other flavor this week is Chocolate Vanilla Volcano. This is a sweet vanilla custard with a dark, near black, organic chocolate layered on top. You’d expect me to go all spicy, but that’s in a few weeks when the good chilies come out. But no, this is super sweet and awesome goodness. No spicy just yet.

We’ll be at the Hope Artist Village in Pawtucket this Saturday from 10am until 1pm. We’ve exceeded capacity for delivery this week (even before the announcement! Been a busy girl!) so if you’d like to pick up a pie, hit us up at the market. You can find directions here:

All you vegans out there, check us out next week, I’ve got something special with y’all in mind.
Hope everyone’s well and having a wonderful week!

Cutiepies—Our only competition is Mom.
(401) 331 2414