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Rebel HQ November 2008 Post Thanksgiving Art Gallery Vernissage by David Tobin

Please join us for the Open House Post Thanksgiving Art Gallery on Saturday, November 29, 2008, starting at 5 pm.

David Tobin will treat us to a vibrant, expressive oil painting show. It is extremely exciting to anticipate all this mesmerizing color and incredible energy on the Gallery walls!

As always Wayne Bridge and Dorota Streitfeld are the accompanying host artists, And Richard Streitfeld is our host of honor and whimsy, bank of information and network advice.

All art is offered for sale, discussion, comments and ice breaking.

Bring pot luck food/drink, Thanksgiving leftovers, and your overnight staying guests; children born, and yet-to-be-born; musical instruments, if you play. And as usual, kindly forward the invitation to friends and foes!